It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

A large group of Furniture Artists & Creatives have joined together to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer by donating a special piece created especially for the goal of bringing alittle happiness to either a Warrior or Survivor.

If you would like to nominate someone please click the link below to find a participating artist or creative in the nominees area.

All participants are volunteers and you will need to contact them directly to find out how to enter!

About #paintitpink2020

Hello! My name is Danette and I am the owner of The Birdcage Furniture.

In October 2019 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I made this bench to donate to the Cancer Treatment Center that was caring for me. They LOVED it, and wanted to put it in the waiting room but the hospital’s corporate office required approval for any type of donation. After months of trying to get it approved it was never approved. I ended up storing the piece for many months and then in the spring I put it in my booth. I am very happy that the person that ended up purchasing it was a Breast Cancer Survivor, but my vision for my donation fell short.

So I have changed my direction on giving back, and came up with the idea to paint a piece of furniture in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and donate it to either a Warrior or Survivor to give some happiness to someone in need.

The goal is to bring awareness to Breast Cancer as well as help someone in need of a little happiness. The more participants the broader the reach! So I hope you join me this October in #paintitpink2020 to give something beautiful to a worthy Warrior or Survivor!

It’s super simple! No Rules involved. Paint a Piece of furniture 90% Pink (any shade), Post on your social media that you are participating so your followers can nominate someone to win the piece, and add hashtag #paintitpink2020 to every post! On November 1st post the photo of the piece & announce the winner.

Susan G. Komen is a wonderful resource to find healthcare providers that offer free mammograms in the month of October!

If you are between 45-54 and have never had a mammogram please take advantage of the resources available in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Early detection can save your life!

We are not affiliated with Susan G. Komen Foundation. We are only referring you to Susan G. Komen foundation as it’s a great source to help find healthcare providers that offer free mammograms.

Volunteer to join a group of furniture artists & creatives nationwide painting a piece of furniture pink or creating a piece of their art that will be donated to a Breast Cancer Warrior or Survivor.