1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway!

The goal is to bring awareness to Breast Cancer & give a beautifully painted piece of furniture to someone that is either a Warrior or Survivor of Breast Cancer!

  • Paint a Piece of furniture 90% Any Shade of Pink in October 2020 OR Paint a Canvas OR a Creative piece of art promoting Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Post on Social Media inviting your followers to nominate someone either battling or has survived Breast Cancer in your area to receive the Pink Piece.
  • Require all nominees to use the hashtag #paintitpink2020 to be entered
  • Use Hashtag #paintitpink2020 in all your posts pertaining to the campaign
  • Post the photo of the completed piece & announce the Winner on Nov. 1st.
  • Encourage all your followers to get a mammogram!

Everyone is welcome participate as you will be promoting the campaign to your local area! Breast Cancer is not limited to the United States… it’s Worldwide!

I will post all participants Logos here on this website including your Business Name, Location & Contact Information (you submit) so that anyone that hears about the Giveaway can find a local participating Furniture Artist.