I would love to tell you about our 2nd Annual  Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. 

My name is Danette O’Neil, the founder of Paint it Pink, a furniture artist and I am also a Breast Cancer Survivor. 

Click here to watch the video of my story

Paint it Pink is a group of all types of artists all over the world that join together to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer by creating a custom project to donate to a Breast Cancer warrior or survivor in the month of October.

The two main goals of Paint it Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is to uplift & inspire a Breast Cancer warrior or survivor, bring awareness to as many men & women as possible and encourage everyone to take advantage of the resources available during the month of October.  

I hope you can join us and participate in Paint it Pink 2021.  It’s easy to register and only we only have a few requirements.

Here are the only requirements to participate in the Paint it Pink campaign!

  • Create at least one Donation Project 50% Any Shade of Pink and/or have uplifting/inspiring content for a Breast Cancer Warrior or Survivor
  • Post at least 2x per week on your Social Media Platforms the progress & sneak peeks of your project, and talk about the PIP2021 Campaign
  • Use Hashtag #paintitpink2021 in all your posts pertaining to the campaign
  • Complete project by October 29th
  • Announce winner(s) on October 30th (You choose time)

Paint it Pink Participation Details 

Donation Projects

Choose a project to create that will be donated to a warrior or survivor of Breast Cancer

  • Small – Midsize Furniture
  • Canvas Art
  • Home Décor
  • Arts & Craft Projects
  • Jewelry


All projects that need to be shipped/mailed will be at the participants expense not the recipients.   So please keep that in mind when selecting your project type and size.

We will post a description of your project(s) on our website, so people can use as a reference to select an artist to nominate a warrior or survivor to receive their donation project.   Please keep in mind that you may get nominees from across your country.  All nominees will have to be submitted to participants in the country that they reside. No International Shipping!

You are more than welcome to donate multiple projects if you choose to! 

***Please keep in mind when selecting your project that it must be at least 50% pink and/or have uplifting/inspiring content.


People may nominate themselves to be the recipient if they are a Breast Cancer Warrior or Survivor.

You can select multiple recipients if you so choose to.  We only ask that you have at least (1) winning recipient.

You are welcome to dedicate a project to a warrior or survivor of your choosing! 

The only requirement is the "nominee or recipient" is a Breast Cancer Warrior or Survivor.

A warrior or survivor may be nominated to multiple participants.

If you do not receive any nominees to receive your donation project - you are free to do anything you choose with the project. If you decide to sell the project please wait to post for sale until October 31st. 


You are not required to do any live videos – but we do ask that you commit to post at least 2x per week on your social media the entire month of October.  Videos do get farther reach and we highly encourage you to do as many live videos as possible or drop pre-recorded videos dedicated to speaking about PIP, Breast Cancer, Mammograms, and promoting the project(s) you will be giving away. 

Direct your followers to visit www.paintitpink2021.com starting September 27th so they can see all the information about the campaign, and to find all the participants worldwide as they may know people across the world that would like to be nominated. 

We have created a Print Flyer you can distribute to local cancer centers, your retail location, etc.    

If you receive any media coverage please ask they direct viewers/followers to www.paintitpink2021.com

Social Media allows giveaways if the winner is chosen by chance! Please explain to your followers how you will be selecting your winner(s).  Example:  Writing down all the nominees names and putting them in a hat and drawing the name on October 30th. 


Registration to participate is from  August 1st  - September 10th, 2021. 

We want all participants to have time to choose or purchase their projects, products and materials. 

We also would like you to have ample time to plan your participation in the month of October.  

Upon completion of your registration form you will be redirected to a page with a link to our private Facebook Group!  If you participated in our campaign last year and you did not leave the group – You do not need to do anything as we  did not delete the group or any members.

You will receive an email within 48 hours of registering with a link and your login information to view/access your profile page.  Please visit your profile page as soon as possible to make sure that all your information is correct, and your links to your social media accounts are working properly.

We do not govern how you choose to have people nominated or how to select your winners. 

If at any time you change your mind, and decide you do not want to participate please email  


Participant Info

We will create a profile page for each participant on our website with all the links to your social media accounts, your retail location and website so people can easily find you and follow you.  You will need to upload a photo of you and your logo when you register.  Please submit large file sizes (Original or Large) if you are using your phone.  ***Only provide Social Media accounts that you will be using to promote the PIP2021 campaign when you register.

You will receive an email with your login information to your profile page where you will be able to see hidden information – that will include links to download our official campaign flyer, promotional graphics for web use and a form to upload your completed projects.

All projects are required to be completed by October 29th and all participants are required to announce their winners on October 30th at any time they choose as we are all in different time zones.

Reference Info

If you decide to participate I recommend that you do research on available programs for Free Mammograms in your local or surrounding areas.  Susan G Komen Foundation is where I was able to find a free mammogram program.

If you cannot find any information, I highly recommend you direct everyone to the Susan G Komen Foundation website.  A link will be on the home page of the website as well.

I hope you are able to participate in the 2nd Annual Paint it Pink – Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and create something beautiful to donate to a Warrior or Survivor. 

You will need a profile pic, logo or watermark file and links to your social media!